Cupcake Banking machine

Published January 12, 2012 by simaklein

This Little Tool is a nice Helper it pops out a cupcake every 8 minutes. You simply fill it with dough. You also might use paperforms but for this Test i didn’t. I preheated it and it works really Good and fast though.




XBOX 360 Kinect ~ Rise of Nightmares

Published November 9, 2011 by simaklein

Hi Guys me and my BF just tried out Rise of nightmares the first official game for XBOX 360 Kinect. It’s a Splatter Zombie Thingie.


The Story is simple.

You are a guy on a train in romania, some creepy guy kidnaps your babe. The train crashes into a river (with a waterfall, romania is soooo famous for it’s waterfalls didn’t you know????) and a bunch of ppl stranding on the backdoor to an acient ruin. Now the fun begins. A girl of your group runs into the basement, yes the cute little miss sunshine runs down two stairs with sceletons on it! cute little miss sunshines are famous for that either! hihi. So you explore the basement and the Bitch locks you in as the Zombie mechanical corpses rise….. ok so you get to slay some mechanical buddies, kinda america mac gees alice in horrorland, which i currently play on the PC. Then you get caught by that guy who kidnaped your babe, he of course drags you to his ‘master’ i guess, so thats how far we are.

I had to stop playing because the controlling is a pain in the feet^^


It would be  a lot of fun if the controlls were better recognised. I like the Soundtrack (Noise and EBM^^) a lot i like how you can interact with doors or triggers etc.

HF and a creepy awakening


Cat-litter, how to train your cat to use the toilet step 1

Published November 3, 2011 by simaklein

Hi, yesterday I’ve found this YouTube video, where a woman explained how she trained her cat to use the toilet instead of the litter box.
What you need is a bowl, that will fit into your toilets’ bowl without moving, make sure the bowl is able to carry the weight of your cat.

For step one simply put the bowl into your toilet and fill with litter. Remove all other litterboxes in your apartment after a few days but show the cat her new litter box!

I’ve been showing the litter bowl to my cats yesterday they didn’t really care. But I got Ramses to dig in it. We’ll see if they use it.



The ikea bowl with litter in it. (I will throw it out after this experiment)

Litter in the hole! XD

CAR Tips for a harsh winter

Published October 27, 2011 by simaklein

Hey guys, this one goes out to you, who got no garage, vehicle hall or carport. I am preparing my car already for those cold temperatures, which are forcing us to scrape our windows free from the beautiful works of art from mother nature, tracery on frosted windows inside your car.

You will need:
A air dehumidifier
Duct tape or double faced scotch tape or a gel mat designed for cars

Now place the dehumidifier somewhere into your car near the faceplate, and secure it! That’s it!

The dehumidifier will keep the air in your car dry, so there is no humidity, which could possibly freeze to your cars’ windows!

That’s how I did it:


this is a mini dehumidifier from the hardware store, it has two sides. One made out of foil the other one is like a paper membrane. (two in one bag of dehumidifier really handy!)


make sure it is not reaching into the heating slots!

The rose is not only a accessoire from the fair in nuernberg it also guides me on which side my gas tank is 😉


this is a gel mat i bought at ALDI sued, it is really sticky on both sides so the foil side of the bag  is very secure.

Another tip for your car is to prepare the gum of the door sealing with glycerin, so it stays smooth and does not dry out or even get brashy.

Glycerin is available at your drugstore, about 2,50€ for 100 ml.

And of course a steering wheel cover prevents your fingers for freezing.

There are Softcovers for cars, i think they are great but i don’t like them when it did snow a lot, i am too afraid to cut into the foil when i remove the snow.

The last tip i have in mind is to keep a cardboard with you, which you can easyly put below your wipers so they wont freeze to the windows.

If you happen to have no Cardboard around or something like that, at least put your sweepers into service position to fold them away from the cars’ windows.

Please have your batterie checked and winter-wheels turned on before the cold storm comes and remember to adjust the mix of washing water in your window washing tank for winter temperatures! The mix ratio is on the bottle.

Nice cold season guys!


Baking Ingredients: Cream of Tartar / Weinstein / Backpulver

Published October 27, 2011 by simaklein

Like i have tould you before, i was searching for cream of tartar.

Guess what i’ve found it!

At the Drugstore / Apotheke

The lady had to search for the chemical name of ‘Weinstein’ and found it.

it’s called ‘Kaliumhydrogentartrat’

250g ~ 15€

100g ~ 9€

She ordered it and i can pick it up tomorrow.

I will also use it to make ‘Weinstein-Backpulver’, I saw this on some of my cupcake recipes.


1/2 tsp. cream of tartar

1/4 tsp. starch (corn)

1/4 tsp. natron/soda

Natron/Soda needs acid to react, so to achieve a fluffy cake you may add vinegar.

1tsp. soda to 6 tbs. vinegar. I didn’t test this yet.

Cream of tartar is as far as i red the salt from wine-acid.

Thank you nice Lady at the Medicon Drugstore at Erlangen Neumühle!

Happy Searching